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Ebook Software to Publish Your ebook On The Web

Let's face not anybody you sell an ebook to has the latest and greatest computer to run the ebook software you might require.

Here's a synopsis of 5 years of experience publishing ebooks.

The first way -- which is not the way I recommend -- is to use an HTML ebook compiler program. Now the reason I don't recommend these programs is not because they don't work. They do work well except for the fact that you can only sell your information to people who own a PC.

The problem with this type of ebook software files is that these compilers create .exe files. So you are limiting the number of people who can purchase your ebook right off the bat.

The one reason you might want to use an ebook software compiler that uses HTML documents is to have the pages of the ebook tie into existing Web pages and make them look like part of the book.

This works since an HTML ebook compiler can also access the Internet if the person is connected to their service provider at the time of reading the book. The bad part is that if they are not connected through their I S P then they won't see parts of the book and again you are risking a refund.

I recommend using PDF ebook software:

No. 1: they are universally readable by a any computer that has Adobe acrobat reader -- which is a free program.

No. 2: your ebooks will look the same -- no matter what type of screen or computer they have -- your document will look the same. This is important especially if you have a lot of graphs and charts and other illustrations that won't be consistent across an HTML document ebook.

No. 3: Adobe Acrobat is a very stable program. Rarely will you have anyone who can't open your ebook. This cuts down big time on any customer service or technical support work you might have to do if you use a different kind of ebook software.

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